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Eight Good Reasons to Own a Cavalier

More and more people around the world are discovering Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and

their popularity is rapidly increasing. Many people believe these delightful small spaniels

are the most loving and affectionate breed of dog alive today and their nature and temperament truly allows them to be the ultimate companion dog.  


But what are the special attributes which have contributed to this popularity?

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It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most people will agree that Cavaliers are beautiful. With their long glamorous ears framing large, dark, liquid

eyes and appealingly attractive faces, and with their soft, silky coats,

in one of four lovely colour/colour combinations, they

really are a delight to the eye. 

Take a Cavalier for a walk down the street and you will notice people turn to look,

but don’t be fooled; it’s probably not you they’re looking at, but your Cavalier! 


Cavaliers have brains as well as beauty and are 
said to be amongst the cleverest breeds of dogs. They are very easy to train and enjoy learning new tricks and activities. 

Cavaliers are extremely 'tuned in' to their humans and generally have their owners well trained in the minimum of time. They have the ability to solve problems, are smart enough to ‘play dumb’ if it is to their advantage, and

aren't afraid to use their good looks and

soulful eyes to get what they want.

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​Cavaliers have many outstanding attributes which contribute to their ideal temperament. They are joyful and happy by nature and easily pleased, with tails that rarely stop wagging. 

In spite of their smaller size, Cavaliers are not 
‘yappy’ or continuous barkers like some small dogs.  Never-the-less, they will warn you of the approach or intrusion of a person or anything

out of the ordinary, but once the warning is given they are likely to welcome any visitors

with a smiley face and a happily wagging tail. 

Cavaliers are gentle, sensitive and have an uncanny ability to tune into their owners moods and feelings. They are friendly, accepting and welcoming towards all people (children and adults) and other animals and they have a high degree of empathy and compassion which makes them ideal as therapy dogs. They are easy going
​and content to live in the moment. 


Cavaliers love to learn and their size and shape 
allows them to be quite athletic. They excel at 
activities such as Obedience, Agility, Jumping, 
Dancing With Dogs and other canine sports. 

They enjoy swimming (if introduced to it at

a young age) and will happily accompany

their owners on long walks or when

they go out jogging. 

Cavaliers were used as gun dogs and were

able to retrieve small game such as

pheasants and rabbits. 

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It doesn’t matter whether you own a thousand acres 
or are a bed sitter, whether you hike miles every day
or spend your time on the sofa watching television. Whether you live quietly alone or as part of a large, 
rambunctious family or whether you live in a palatial palace or a humble cottage, a Cavalier will be happy and contented, so long as you are there with it. 

A Cavalier will happily join in with any activities and 
will also be happy to accompany you anywhere you 
like to take it. It will be well mannered in public places and its ideal size and wonderful temperament make 
it a charming companion wherever you go, be it

on a long car journey, a short walk to the

coffee shop, or anything in between.

Ideal Size

Many owners believe that Cavaliers are the perfect 
size for a companion dog. They don’t take up a lot of 
room and are a good size to comfortably sit on your knee or sleep on the end of your bed, but, at the 
same time they are large and robust enough to go 
for a long walk or a run on the beach. 

Cavaliers are small enough to take with you and they will enthusiastically enjoy camping, boating, swimming, 
or any other activities you and your family take part 
in, or happily sit with older family members in 
front of the television or as a spectator at 
children’s sports activities.

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Easy Care
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For a long coated breed, Cavaliers are surprisingly 
easy to care for. Five or ten minutes spent grooming 
them every two or three days will keep their coats
tidy and knot-free and keep shedding to a 
minimum. Some owners keep a slicker brush 
and comb handy so they can groom their 
Cavalier/s while they are sitting together 
each evening watching TV. 

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Cavaliers don’t need a lot of food and although they would happily eat a lot more, 180 to 220 grams 
of food (including treats) each day is enough to keep most of them in excellent condition. 

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