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Barkley Forever home

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Tricia and her family have done an amazing job breeding Cavaliers.

My fiance and I adopted Barkley in and we cannot imagine life without him.

He is a healthy, happy and energetic puppy full of love and cuddles. 

From the moment we walked into their home, right away we could see

the care and love that the family puts into their dogs.


The attention, diet and exercise the dogs receive is fantastic.

These puppies come form a place of love and safety.

We really appreciated the time and care that was put into the education on

the breed and tips and tricks for a new puppy that was provided.


We would recommend the to anyone looking for a healthy Cavalier.  Everyone who meets our Barkley wants to know where he's from! 

 Ruby Forever home

Tricia is very knowledgeable about this breed and will give you lots of useful info that you
need to know having a little cavalier pup join your family. If you haven't owned a dog before,

Tricia's broad knowledge about the breed will definitely save you lots of time. 

I can tell that Tricia absolutely adores her dogs and takes great care of them. We've been totally enjoying
​every moment with Ruby, she's an ultimate cuddler who always loves spending time with the family. 

Lenny Forever home

My Husband and I adopted our little Lenny in December. We did significant research on the
breed to decide if it was for us and then looked for possible breeders.


After hours of phones conversations with Tricia and numerous emails with videos and pictures, we decided to travel to Ontario (we are from Nova Scotia) to meet the pups and make sure ours was right for us.

Tricia was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the breed and we loved that she 
is very serious about who takes her pups. It was so nice to be able to see the parents 
and past litter pups that the family decided to keep.
We have now had Lenny home with us for over a month and we couldn’t imagine life without him! 
He has such an amazing little personality and we are still in awe at how quickly he learns things. 
He is currently fully trained to hit a bell to go outside to do his business, sitting on command 
and loves going for drives and walks everyday!  

We still keep in touch with Tricia for updates or any questions about the breed as he grows. 
We would highly recommend a puppy from
to anyone looking for a new fur baby! 

Duke Forever Home

We made the decision to sell Bandit in order to diversify our genetic breeding gene pool.
Bandit is the father of a couple of my other dogs and we did not want to interbreed
him so the choice was made to find him a great home.

We met Lindsay and Ash late last year when they dropped by to inquire about another
puppy.  At the time they decided to wait till we had another litter and asked that we
would let them know when we had another litter. 

After contacting them with news of a new litter it was mentioned that we were adopting out
Bandit and explained why. At that time we offered them the opportunity to take Bandit
having just made the decision to find him a forever home.

I remembered the last time Lindsay and Ash were over home much they seemed to really
like Bandit, Ash especially was all over him.  It was an easy decision to offer
Lindsay and ​Ash Bandit they are a perfect fit for him.

Enjoy your big guy you two, he is a wonderful boy.

We adopted Duke from Tricia about two weeks ago (at the time, he known as Bandit). From the
moment we met him several months ago (we first met him during a visit to see a puppy
we were thinking of buying) we were able to tell that he was a great dog for us. Now that he
has joined our family, we can’t be any happier with him.

Duke is very healthy, well behaved, and gets along great with our cat. He rarely barks (which is
important to us since we live in an apartment) and is friendly to all dogs and people.

Tricia was very helpful, sincere, and understanding when we were discussing the ‘perfect’
dog for our family. She gave us a lot of great tips, which have been very helpful.

Tricia is very knowledgeable about the breed and you can tell that she really loves her
dogs and takes great care of them.

When we went to the vet to get Duke checked, the vet said that Duke was healthy and praised
Tricia and her care for her dogs. Since her dogs are raised with her family in her house, Duke was
very house-trained, socialized with dogs, and relaxed in our apartment.

Duke is athletic enough to go for jogs yet laid back enough to hang around with us in the apartment
and not bother our cat. He also loves playing catch and represents the his gun-dog breed very well.

Having Duke join our family has been wonderful from Day one. We have no regrets whatsoever.

Thank you so much, Tricia. We are very lucky to have adopted Duke (aka Bandit) from you.

Ash and Lindsay

Boots Forever Home

​Both myself and Paul got Mr. Boots at 10 weeks of age. When we got him he was a healthy happy little guy. Tricia had raised him from birth. She had a tough job ahead of her as Boots mother passed about a week later from complications and a severe reaction to the antibiotic she had to take after having her litter.


Tricia became his mom and did such a wonderful job to raise a happy secure little pup.


My experience with Tricia has been great.​