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Choose your breeder first then your puppy

You want a breeder that breeds for the whole dog!

Finding a breeder you trust and like to work with is as important as finding the right puppy, they
go hand and hand. Here are some things to think about to help you find the right breeder
and choose the right puppy for you and your family.

Unfortunately you may have had a bad experience with a rude breeder. You should be able to have a
give-and-take type of conversation with the breeder where you ask questions, the breeder asks questions.

We firmly believe that it is the breeders responsibility to educate pet owners and encourage them to
​call or email before, during and after the adoption if  they have any questions or concerns.

cav licking womean 1 a.jpg

At " " we love sharing our knowledge and providing helpful information before, during

and after adoption.

With us you have lifetime breeder support.

A good breeder enjoys guiding families to ensure that they are happy, and the puppy has a smooth transition.

We want your puppy adoption to be an enjoyable memorable experience.  


Your breeder should keep you involved throughout the process with photos,

videos and updates.

You'll think of questions as you go along, and you should not be afraid to ask. Even if you think
it is a "dumb" question, you should feel comfortable enough with your breeder to know that they
will not get annoyed or mad because you do not know something. It’s the breeder’s job to help
educate the new owners. An informed owner makes a better owner.

I have spoken to many wonderful families who have been treated horribly by breeders, this will
never happen at a" because we believe the pet parents

and us are a team that has a common interest ​in mind the health,

 happiness and well-being of the Cavalier.

Now, what should you ask?

Good breeders will tell you about their breeding
program, about how the puppies are raised, and
when they let them go to their new homes.

If the breeder is evasive, this is a HUGE RED FLAG and something you should take note of.


No matter how cute the puppy is, if the breeder is evasive of your questions you should find another breeder to work with even if this means waiting longer to adopt your ​puppy. In

the long run it will be well worth it.

Ask all kinds of questions - don't hold back. A
good breeder will be happy for you to ask just
about anything. The breeder shouldn't have
anything to hide and welcome your questions.

Below is a list that may help you to determine
the right breeder for you.

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Do you require my puppy be spayed or neutered?

You want them to say yes.  This simply means that the puppy can never be bred and have registered
offspring. This will let you know your breeder cares about their Cavaliers and what happens to
them and the Cavalier breed as a whole. A breed who sells all their dogs with open or full rights or
offers to sell to anyone at a higher price with full rights is only looking to make a profit and could care
less about the outcome. Ask yourself does this breeder really care about their dogs?

What is your worming schedule for your puppies?

Puppies should be wormed before coming home with you.

Do you vaccinate your puppies, and when do you do it?

vet 1 a.jpg

Puppies should receive their first vaccine at
8 weeks old from their breeder and again at
12 and 16 weeks.


If the puppy is past these ages at the time of adoption it’s the breeders responsibly to have the puppy up to date on vaccines at the time of sale. 

No puppy should ever leave their mother and
littermates before they are 8 weeks old.

No puppy should ever leave their mother and before they are 8 weeks old.

 When do you wean your puppies?

We allow mom to handle the weaning. 

We do not get involved in our pup’s weaning
process. We prefer to let nature take its course
and let mom choose when to wean her puppies. 

If a breeder weans too early, we suggest that
you look elsewhere. Mother knows best, she will
wean when it is time, and the puppies will be
healthier and more emotionally stable. 

That typically means that our pups nurse until they
are 10 - 12 weeks old.  At that time it quickly
becomes obvious that mom does not have much
milk and the nursing sessions are ​more for
​emotional support than physical.

nursing 1 a.jpg

When does my puppy get to come home? 

our past puppy 2 b.jpg

Along the same lines of emotional stability and
health you want to ask this very important
question.  Our answer is always that it depends
on mom and the individual puppy we would never
let a puppy go before we believe them to be
ready no matter what their age.

If a breeder says 6 or 7 weeks you

need to find another breeder.

When siblings start sleeping apart and they prefer being with us rather than mom and siblings, then they are ready to go to their new homes. This is normally between 10 to 12 + weeks of age.

Do not overlook older pups either. Since caring breeders do not sell to brokers (which in turn sell to pet stores) there are times when we have puppies that have not been placed that can be 4+ months old.

Does the breeder offer a health guarantee?

Your breeder should stand by the dogs they breed and offer you a health guarantee and a contract
which outlines what their responsibilities as well as your responsibilities are. We offer a 1 year 
health guarantee that covers life threatening hereditary health issues. Puppies should be seen by
the breeders vet before they leave for their new homes as well and your breeder should ask that
you also take your puppy to a vet within 3 days of bring your baby home.

This will help you establish a relationship with your vet who will 
schedule your puppies next set
of vaccines
and will allow your vet to input the entire health information provided by your breeder.
Your breeder should provide a health record, stating the deworming’s, vaccines and any other
medications given while under their care. This second vet check will also confirm the breeder’s
vets’ findings that the puppy was healthy at the time of sale.

 Take a good look at the parents of the puppy

​Ask yourself do I like the way they look. It’s
something many people forget to do since you
are so involved  in looking at the puppies.

All puppies are adorable but, if you don’t like the
look of mom and dad you are likely not going to be
pleased with the look of your puppy as an adult.
The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree your
new baby will either take strongly after one
parent or be a mixture of both.

Are the parents healthy, well behaved and
friendly? This tells you what type of breeder you
are dealing with. Cavaliers are extremely social and a friendly breed  that should live indoors and be

flourished with abundant love/attention. 

our past puppy 2 c.jpg

Mom should ALWAYS be at the breeders home with her puppies

Cav pic 5 about us.jpg

If mom is not there you are most likely
dealing with a puppy broker who buys poor
quality puppies from poor quality breeders
normally from out of province / state and
sells them at a higher price.

Dad may not always be on site as sometimes
he is borrowed to help create the puppies but,
it’s always a bonus to be able to meet him and
at the very least see photos.

A good breeder will always take your dog back

A good breeder will always take your dog back at any time throughout its life should the need arise
because they care about the dogs they helped bring into this world. For example, If you adopt from 
us and if for any reason during the course of your Cavaliers life you cannot keep or properly care for
them – please contact us.


Although we cannot refund your purchase, we will ALWAYS find your beloved Cavalier a good home,

no matter how long that may take. Any returned puppies/dogs will always have
a home with us until we find the perfect fit for them in a new forever home.

Cavaliers are warm friendly, loving dogs and you

should be greeted by them as if you are family

Shyness is not normally a trait that should be present.

If you are not greeted with love by the adults
as well as the puppies at the breeders you should
adopt somewhere else. This is a telltale sign
that their Cavaliers are not being properly
socialized and ​your puppy will have not
​been raised properly.

Choose your breeder first 4.jpg

Cleanliness of where you puppy was raised

Overall appearance and cleanliness of the property is an obvious giveaway when visiting. Find a
breeder that raises the puppies and adults in a clean, home environment. 

We work on housebreaking as soon as the puppy is comfortable being outside the whelping pen so
they are already learning there is a correct place to sleep/play/eat as well as eliminate.

You want a breeder that breeds for the whole dog

You want a breeder that breeds for the whole dog: health, temperament, longevity, etc.  and one that
will help you learn how to raise your puppy properly. We form close relationships with our pet parents
during the adoption process.

We have the pet parent name the puppy and that is this is what we call them. When your puppy is ready to come home with you, they will feel at home hearing their name allowing them to feel more comfortable with you. After the you take your puppy home, we are always happy to hear from you and if you need ANY help, do whatever we can for you, this is all a part of the lifetime breeder care and support we provide.

The Waiting list

Once you choose your breeder do not be discouraged if there is a waiting list to purchase puppies
from this breeder, you may have to wait to be able to adopt your puppy. Cavaliers normally
have smaller litter sizes and a good breeder will have limited numbers of litters each year.

There is no way 15 + Cavaliers can be cared for and loved the way a Cavalier should be and if the
breeder has too many litters all at the same time puppies will not be raised properly with enough
​early socialization which is so very important.


Be cautious of a breeder who always has puppies available for adoption.

Choosing your puppy

​After you have decided to adopt your puppy the work
of choosing your puppy begins. Put your trust in your breeder when choosing your puppy, they should have your best interests at heart and the best interests of
the cavaliers they breed. Listen to their advice
and recommendations. 

You and the breeder will work together to help you select the perfect puppy for you and your lifestyle.
This could be through pictures and video combined
with a visit and talking to you on the phone or via email.

A good breeder will make sure you are fully informed 
and has your best interest—and the puppies’—in mind and will do everything possible to ensure a good match.

our past puppy 2 d.jpg

Finding the right puppy

Finding the right puppy for your family should be

more than just the color or gender you prefer. 

"What sort of temperament are you looking for?"
Each family has a different temperament in
mind. Some want cuddly, others rambunctious,
some laid-back. 

Each puppy is an individual, and it is important for
the buyer and the breeder to communicate 
effectively so they can pick the right puppy
together. The buyer needs to realize how they
treat the dog has a whole lot to do with
how the dog will behave. 

Breeders need to match the right dominance
and energy levels with the family's own levels.
The breeder should also provide you with basic
instructions regarding your puppy. Things like
health care advice (vaccinations, worming), feeding schedule, puppy supplies information and also
ongoing support should be offered throughout the
life of the cavalier. 

You should be able to contact the breeder at any
time you have a question about your Cavalier? 
You should always be able to go back to your
cavaliers’ breeder for help. Good luck! Follow your instincts, don’t rush and you will find the puppy that is right for you and your family from a breeder you
know is working for you and has your best
interests as well as the puppies’ in mind.

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