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The "" Sales Contract

We know that buying a puppy is a big decision and you are approaching this with your heart and we
promise you that our heart is in this too. We will not insult you with gimmicks and hype.
What you see is what you get as transparency is critical with any breeder. 

We feel that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the ultimate dog breed and we love it when a new
buyer discovers this too. All of our cavaliers pups and adults alike are a loving and important
part of our life.  We pride ourselves on our happy and adoring Cavaliers that come to you
as a loving, loyal well socialized puppy with an exceptional temperament.

All of our puppies are sold with a Sales Contract which has to signed before the puppy leaves
our home. The contract is to protect our puppies and to clarify your responsibilities as a
purchaser of one of our puppies and our commitment and guarantees to you. 

The contract is written in simple English and is very clear. The most important parts are that you
are buying a companion dog rather than a show dog and that you will be required to neuter the
puppy within 6 months of taking your puppy home and send me proof of the neutering/spaying.

The contract also provides a 1-year health guarantee against life threatening
genetic defects that have been diagnosed by a veterinarian.

You will be asked to sign a sales contract that states you will not give the dog away or otherwise
dispose of the dog without contacting us first. You may not want to give up your dog but perhaps a
move or illness occurs and you need a temporary home for your dog. We are here to help. 
We want your home to be the puppy's forever home.  

The contract provides that you cannot resell or even give the dog away without our written
permission but that you will never have to worry about what to do with the dog if at any
time and for any reason you can no longer keep it. We will ALWAYS give it a home.

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