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Waiting List and Deposit Information

wait list 1.jpg is dedicated
to the health and happiness of the Cavalier breed.
Our puppies are well socialized healthy puppies. 
To ensure the wellbeing of our Cavaliers and to
ensure the best possible puppies will be produced 
we have limited puppies available due to 
our limited number of breeding's per year.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list

we request that you please complete

our Adoption Questionnaire 

At the end you can request to be added to
our waiting list. We will contact you in the way
you request with details about current,
​ expected and planned litters. 

Being on the waiting list does not ensure you
will be able to adopt a puppy from us, it simply
​means that you will be one of the first to know 
about a litter and have an opportunity to place 

Deposits ensure that you are committed to purchasing one of our puppies and show our commitment to sell you a puppy.

Early Deposits

An early deposit is a deposit placed on an
upcoming litter or on a litter of newborn puppies.

An early deposit holds your spot to choose your 
puppy. Deposits may also be placed on an individual 
available puppy to hold him/her until he/she is 
ready to join your family. 

A deposit placed on a selected puppy will not be accepted

until after all the families that have placed an early

deposit to hold a puppy have decided on a puppy.

At that time I will know who is available.
We will accept early deposit's at any time, please 
contact us
 for more information.

wait list 2.jpg

Here is how our early deposits work

wait list 3.jpg

Once you have been approved as a forever home for one of our puppies, you will be emailed a deposit agreement.

You will then choose the gender of the puppy you wish to adopt (If you are open to gender just leave this open.) 

Fill out and sign the early deposit agreement than

email it to us along with your deposit payment.

Once your deposit and signed agreement are received I will hold your spot and you will be able to choose your puppy in the order your deposit was accepted.

If you choose to place an early deposit, deposits
are non-refundable but, are transferable to another 
litter until puppies are 5 weeks of age or until you
select your puppy whichever comes first.

At that time your deposit will become non-transferable and a new agreement will be signed to hold
the puppy you selected. 

Should the color or gender you requested not be
born your deposit will be transferable to an
upcoming litter of your choosing.

Early depositors will choose their puppy when
they are 5 weeks of age. Deposits are $500 and
will be deducted from the final purchase price
of your puppy with ​the balance due
when you pick up your puppy.

You will know the adoption price for each
puppy before you make your selection. 
Prices are the same for all colors and genders.

wait list 4.jpg
wait list 5.jpg

Deposits maybe transferred to another litter as
many times as needed until you find the right 
puppy for your family. Should you choose to
transfer your deposit you may or may not
receive ​the same picking order as before. 

Transfers are placed at the highest available spot

behind anyone who already has a deposit placed. 

If you decide to transfer your deposit you will want

to notify me as soon as possible to secure a

good picking position. Transfers must be made

before the puppies turn 6 weeks of age.


At the time of the transfer we will talk about our upcoming planned litters,  your new picking spot

and a new agreement will be signed to hold

your new picking position on the

litter of your choosing.

Puppy held at buyers request beyond 10-weeks of age.

​Puppies are normally allowed to join their new
families between 10 to 12 weeks of age. 10 ish
weeks old is the earliest a puppy normally
leaves our care.

Should we feel a puppy is not ready to leave at
that time we will notify you and they will stay in
our care until we feel they are ready. Should
we change the release date no extended care
boarding fee will be charged
for that period of time. will be
glad to work with a buyer to hold a puppy past
10 weeks of age should the need arise for

various reasons.


Once you choose your puppy your
non-refundable deposit is needed to hold that
puppy. Payment in full must be made by the
time the puppy is 10 weeks of age 
regardless of the pickup date. 

wait list 6.jpg
wait list 7.jpg

There may be a additional cost to pick up your puppy past our release date. We allow a  grace period past the release date to allow new families to arrange a pick up date/time that works  best for them. 


Once your puppy turns 12 weeks old the

extended care boarding fee will begin. 

The extended care fee also covers any extra 
vaccines needed to keep your puppy up to date 
for their age. (2nd vaccine needed at 12 weeks,
​3rd at 16 weeks.) 

To keep your puppy on tract with potty training 
we will also begin potty bell training and housebreaking. 

A pick up date will need to be arranged in 
writing and signed by both parties. Please
contact us for more details if this is an
arrangement you will need.

 No puppy is considered sold until a deposit has

been made or payment is made in full. 

Please note that we reserve the right of first pick of the

litter on each litter born.


All other puppies in the litter will be up for adoption

in the order the deposits were taken.

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